Would you like to reach more clients efficiently during your representative appearances?

Grab the visitors’ attention, bring about visceral experience, display your product or service by the power of gamicifation and multiply the amount of lucrative client conversion!

Event and booth activites

Booth activity, exhibition games, experience marketing for exhibitors, event organizing agencies

We have developed more than 300 exhibition activities for Big Pharma and multinational companies gaining 13 years of experience, contributing significantly to the conveyance of brand awareness and popularizing their products.

Let’s place a touchscreen TV at your booth and create a magical, spectacular quiz game or slideshow. Would you like a real blast? Our Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions renders your client communication to a new level.

We are ready to customize your needs as a creative and developer agency. We help you design the kind of booth activity that serves you the most in reaching your target audience efficiently.

You don’t want to spend on expensive equipment? We lease you state-of-the-art devices with the application for the time of the event, moreover we take off difficulities of transportation and installation from your shoulder.

How it works?

Advantages of booth activity

Forgalom generálás

Traffic generation

Event activity attracts visitors to your booth like a magnet, whom you can engage with way easier.

Don’t let them pass you by without a word, reach more of them than your competitors instead!


Gaining Experience

You can educate your target audience in an interactive way playfully by gamification and scientific quizes.

An interesting game is going to aid them in understanding messages, support in imprinting brand experience affecting many senses simultaniously.

Mérhető eredmények

Measurable results

Record data of the participants and analyze or utilize them for building further relationships or marketing.

You are going to know exactly who, how many of them, when and to what going to have paid attention to at your booth. Use the recorded data!


Asset rent

You give us the location and the goal, we arrange everything else. Choose from our solutions and leave the rest to us!

We develop, provide equipment to as well as install our activities. Lay back and trust the professionals with the work!

What can you expect?

With the help of our booth activities you will attract significantly more visitors than before. You are going to build personal relationships easier with the people attracted this way. You are going to turn the so far only staring crowd into real clients by our multi-sensual solutions.

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Check out our references

Media Player

Ineractive Infoscreen

Interaktív videó lejátszó infoscreen

Animated Brandbook

Automated Infoscreen

Animált termékismertető önjáró infoscreen

Memory Game and Quiz

Touchscreen Kiosk

Memória játék és kvíz Érintőképernyős kiosk

Two-in-One Kiosk

Touchscreen Game and Film

Érintőkijelzős játék és animációs képfilm

Interactive Scientific Quiz

Customized Activity-Development

Interaktív tudományos kvíz

Interactive Conference Guide

Voting Application

Interaktív konferencia műsorfüzet és szavazó alkalmazás

Virtual Exhibition

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality

Microsoft Kinect

Motion Sensation

Augmented Reality

The ones that chose use

Numerous domestic and international pharmaceutical companies have honoured us with their trust.

Frequently asked questions

What does booth activity mean?
Booth activity is an exhibition or event marketing asset, that supports the conversion of the before passive visitors into actively involvable customers. One type of it is digital booth activity, which addresses the target group utilizing a game or scientific quiz run by an information technology device (touchscreen TV, tablet, VR glasses, computer).
Where can you use booth activity?
Our booth activity solutions are perfectly utilizable at events, conferences, markets, pop-up outposts, product presentations, recruitment, family and sport days. At every event where it is important to engage with potential clients out of the crowd.
What type of booth activities can I choose from?
Our booth activities cover a wide variety of options from simple scientific quizes, throughout skillfullness and logic games enriched applications toAugmented and Virtual Reality options developed for tablets. Possibilities of gaining experiences open even wider with our special peripheries (exercise bike, special kiosk, depth sensing camera, face recognition).
Can I also rent the displaying devices for the time of the event?
We lease devices that are most suitable to run our applications. It has the advantage that you needn’t have to have these often quite expensive devices at your disposal.
Why should I choose booth activity?
If you want to stand out of the crowd, if you want to deliver an experience which your audience remembers long after the event, then choose booth activity.
Do you take care of the maintenance as well?
Yes, if you would like us to we transport, install, maintain and tear our booth activity solutions down at the end of the event.
Can I use my own device as well?
Yes, in this case it is important however that you define exactly in what kind of environment would you exactly like to run our applications before the development, as well as that we can run our tests on the live device in time.
What kind of data can I get out of a booth activity?
It is possible to gather GDPR compliant data via registration form, moreover you can mine statistical data anonymously as well making our solutions especially suitable for research purposes or product optimization.

4 reasons why you should choose us

Quick and flexible cooperation

Quick and flexible cooperation

Option of different budgets

Option of different budgets

Supportive, customer-oriented management

Supportive, customer-oriented management

Experienced design and development team

Experienced design and development team

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